The Web's Number One Resource for Financial Fraud 

Financial fraud is a situation in which the legal and moral management of financial resources does not occur. In most countries around the globe, this sort of fraud occurs because of planned decisions and actions made by individuals who handle money and different assets for the benefit of employers or clients. In any case, there are a couple places the world over where the unexpected mishandling of funds is also classified as fraud and is subject to the same legal censure as any conscious activity.  

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As a rule, the fraudulent treatment of financial resources will prompt substantial losses for an investor or a corporation. The financial loss is sometimes precisely covered up in the bookkeeping records that are used to track action including the resources, permitting it to proceed until a lot of money and different assets are siphoned off and no more in the control of the proprietor. Business fraud of this sort may be led by any organization officer or representative who has access to corporate resources, and may proceed for a developed period of time before getting to be obvious.

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The web's number one resource for financial fraud is the financial fraud checklists: 

Financial Fraud Checklists 

In the event that you have been a casualty of financial fraud, the Recovery Checklists underneath, delivered mutually with the FINRA Foundation, can assist you with ensuring your financial future and advance with your recuperation. 

Financial fraud is genuine and can be devastating. You may be adapting to the fallout of a compromised character, harmed credit, and financial loss, as well as an agonizing scope of emotions including annoyance, apprehension, and frustration.

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Full financial recuperation may be hard to accomplish; on the other hand, it is important that you report the wrongdoing as fast as possible. Reporting any financial fraud, regardless of how small, helps law enforcement, regulators, and government agencies put a stop to the fraud, keep the exploitation of more consumers, and pursue the criminals carrying out the fraud. 

All the time perpetrators will dispose of your money promptly in the wake of taking it. You might never recover your money. All things considered, your recuperation is about more than lost money. It's about ensuring your future financial wellbeing and assets and discovering ways for you to recuperate sincerely from the wrongdoing. 

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On the off chance that you have been a casualty of financial fraud, we prescribe downloading the accompanying Recovery Checklists and taking after the prescribed steps to recover power from the fraudsters and assist you with advancing. 

Other resources for financial fraud include 

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-FINRA's "Non Traditional Costs of Financial Fraud 

-Managing Someone Else's Money.



5 Financial Companies You Can Trust


When it comes to one’s money and investment there is always the worry that the chosen financial institution will be untrustworthy. This is expected as many companies have been known to use undue advantage of market strategies to fleece their clients or take risky financial strategies and in the long run declare bankruptcy. This fact however can simply be cleared up by assessing each company strength and weaknesses factoring high risk events, expense recognition, bankruptcy risk and SEC action to indicate a company’s credibility. To aid one in this, below are 5 financial companies that you can trust. 


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Community Trust Bancorp, Inc.

The first on the least of 5 financial companies that you can trust is community Trust Bancorp, Inc. this institution offers banking services and has a market cap of $670.0 million. Their financial management institutions is looking at various investment goals and finding the best ways for one to achieve them. This might be in terms of secure retirement, lifetime income, college education for children. This is expounded on the various means of attaining financial freedom in the form of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance- life and long term care and disability investment options.  

National Interstate Corporation

Offering insurance services, the National Interstate Corporation makes it second on this list. With a market cap of $531.1 million, it is lauded as one of the most attentive, responsive and innovative insurance institution. They delve in the financial strategy of viewing a client as more of a business partner than a policy. Specifically this insurance policy cover delves in transportation department like the risk of moving goods, motor insurance and personal risk. With this one is able to be offered a more inclusive coverage in truck, tow truck, community and medical, passenger, waste operation and ambulance. 

First Busey Corporation

Another financial institution offering banking services that is deemed trustworthy is the Busey Corporation. With a market cap of $524.3, they basically take on five lines of business inclusive of business, personal, mortgage, commercial, cash management and wealth management. They take a lead in steering their clients on important wealth management practices be it buying a home or cash management solutions. Known to tailor each customers needed differently, it offers help in all risk factor areas like liquidity, fraud protection, , payables, receivables, and information reporting hence offers advanced customer management services.  

First Connecticut Bancorp Inc

Though the first Connecticut Bancorp has the least market cap of 268.0 million it makes it to the list of 5 financial companies you can trust due to the fact that it has personalized customer service. Based in Connecticut, it offers delves in diversified consumer and commercial product offering strong ties to the communities it serves throughout central Connecticut. Cash management options for both small and commercial business are on standby to ensure that they achieve growth. In all, it ensures that it works with government banking institutions to ensure that everything is on point.  

First Commonwealth Financial

Finally the first commonwealth financial institution makes it to the list of trustworthy financial institutions with a market cap of 870.5 million. This institution stays on point by adopting a strategy of anticipating worst case scenarios and protecting clients from persevered risks while making the best out of current financial situations. This institution deals with investments like, buying home and retirement planning plans like personal trusts. It also offers investment planning options like annuities, mutual funds, insurance planning like home and auto insurance, estate insurance, long term care insurance. With this one gets the added advantage of giving one hassle free tax filing services.

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How To Pay Your Company's Payroll Legally


Do you wish to know how to pay a company's payroll legally? Are you looking for a legal way to pay a company’s payroll? If yes, you may want to take a look at educational bookkeeping principles on paying payroll of a company. The below guidelines will let you know how to follow a legal approach while paying the payroll of a company’s employees.

HB Payroll


Understand what is involved 

Getting familiar with the basics and legal necessities is the prime step. Payroll means the total sum of money paid to an employee by an employer. However, it gets complex with the involvement of federal taxes associated with payroll. As per law, you need to withhold certain portions of your employees payroll towards social security, income tax, Medicare and other requirements. You need to figure out and deposit accurate payroll taxes to concerned authorities on time.

Figure out what works for you

This actually relates to calculation of payroll and taxes. You may calculate the payroll and taxes thereon by yourself. However, it will take substantial time on your end, and you need to get familiar with booking principles to estimate taxes and payroll correctly. You may get away with this hurdle by buying a customized payroll software that will compute your employees payroll as well as taxes.



Find out what you need from your employees

Ask your workers to complete appropriate forms that authenticate their legal status and ascertain their tax withholding. As soon as these details are entered in your payroll system, it becomes easy to generate paycheck calculations along with applicable taxes withhold.

Proceed for payment

The last step in the payroll procedure involves distribution of payment to employees and filing of taxes to concerned agencies. Once you have paid your workers and payroll taxes, you have paid your company’s payroll legally.


Bottom line

Paying your company’s workers legally warrants getting familiar with the standards of bookkeeping and the procedure of tax payment. Get familiar with the above steps and you will be able to pay your company's payroll legally.